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28th 96th Avionics Signal Detachment Vinh Long Vietnam 1965-73

B&W are fun to look at........same places, new photos. Vinh Long 1966-66

style="font-family: Arial,Helvetica;">span style="font-family: Arial,Helvetica;">Photos Vinh Long 1968-1969 click here > Photo Gallery
  GunShip.thumb.jpg  TheShop.thumb.jpg  Untitled_Scanned_63.thumb.jpg
BLACK AND WHITE PicturesClick Here >>   B & W

This Vietnam war website was originally constructed to display pictures of my tour of duty in Vinh Long, Vietnam but has taken on a new life and shows pictures from other sources.  I was a  member of the 28th Avionics Signal Detachment in 1966-67.  We, the 28th/96th Signal Detachment, were part of the 13th Aviation Battalion, 1st Aviation Brigade.  Both Signal Detachments worked out of the same repair shop next to the aircraft maintenance hangar.  We supported the avionics needs of the 175th Outlaws (formerly 502nd) and 114th Knights  Air Mobile Assault Helicopter Companies at the Vinh Long Army Airfield Installation and in the field in and around the Mekong Delta, Vietnam. By 1971 the 28/96 Sig. Detachment became the part of the 214th CAB 

The website is always changing and, hopefully, You will have many more pictures to view as time goes on. I have about 500 pictures of Vietnam to choose from, and need to convert slides to digital format, so it takes some effort.  I found a good Canon scanner, but It only does 4 slides at a time. Most of the pictures are high quality and if you double click on the picture in will expand

I don't remember a lot of these people and places, so if anyone would like to contribute information please email me, leave a message in the guest book, or comment on the picture  or reply in the blog.  Also, some of the information may be incorrect.  Let me know.  After all, it's been a long time.

The web site is still growing. It's becoming a deposit of hundrads of picture, mostly of the Mekong Delta River area. Some people have asked if they can share their pictures. The answer is yes. Please email me with any questions you mayhave. --Thanks Ray

New  Photos added > Photo Gallery

Convent grounds where a group of Irish nuns ran a vocational school for orphan children..... I would love to see pictures of how it looks now or if it's still there..  I understand the Good Shepard nuns may still be working in Siagon but no longer use the convent grounds in Vinh Long..
Convent Ving Long 1967.jpg (315979 bytes) CONVENT10.jpg (253121 bytes) CONVENT.jpg (209937 bytes) CONVENT COURTYARD.jpg (167923 bytes) POOL AT CONVENT.jpg (235301 bytes)  CHURCH.jpg (144379 bytes) 
Ho Chi Minh City Old Siagon "Paris of the orient" what an exciting city
. HOTEL ROOM VIEW.jpg (183797 bytes)  air terminal.jpg (333584 bytes)    SIAGON.jpg (115552 bytes)   C-135.jpg (328087 bytes)
 Vinh Long Airfield Vietnam 1966-67 ---- Double click to enlarge

Christmas at Vinh Long.jpg (347652 bytes)   Mavrick Gunship Vinh Long.jpg (153710 bytes)  Crash lanking Vinh Long May 1967.jpg (101999 bytes)  OTTER Vinh Long May 1967.jpg (113982 bytes)  Ray checking avionics on Huey 540C.jpg (152072 bytes) flying over the compound.jpg (173804 bytes) compound.jpg (184385 bytes) Gunship.jpg (172207 bytes) Radio comming back from Siagon.jpg (438416 bytes)   LANDING IN SIAGON.jpg (197030 bytes)
Avionics Shop, Repair Room and air field rats 1966.  Click on Photo Gallery for Pictures or slide show.   Make comments on pictures and vote for your favorites.

Ray Mahoney in doorway May 1967 Vinh LOng.jpg (112305 bytes)     Runway_rat_going_to_lunch_VINH_LONG.jpg (117312 bytes)  
Tay Ninh, Vietnam, December 1967 OPPERATION ATTLEBURO 196th Light Infantry Brigade.  View pictures or slide show click here >>>>>>  Photo Gallery

67mar 196 lt. inf brgd.jpg (290300 bytes) 67jan opperation attleborough vietnam.jpg (261533 bytes) Phillppino bunkers at Tay Ninh compound.jpg (139051 bytes) Tay Ninh compound.jpg (111979 bytes) compound near Tay Ninh Winter 1967.jpg (184567 bytes) load for lz 2.jpg (243492 bytes) back to refuel.jpg (118567 bytes) 67dec Ray at Tay Ninh Vietnam.jpg (264250 bytes)
Chow Hall Tay Ninh 1966-67.jpg (119636 bytes)
 lz Tay Ninh 1967.jpg (98793 bytes)  outlaw 26.jpg (106431 bytes)  tay ninh 1967 opr attleborough.jpg (139065 bytes)  opr. attleborough1 lz.jpg (296459 bytes)  ls Tay Ninh.jpg (86842 bytes)  Runway at Tay Ninh Winter 1966.jpg (101548 bytes) return from lz.jpg (160420 bytes) Tay Ninh Mt..jpg (125204 bytes) early morning.jpg (111542 bytes) After a morter attack
After a mortor attack 1967.jpg (108363 bytes) Untitled-Scanned-07.jpg (403607 bytes); ARVNS.jpg (98142 bytes)
Happy Times on the Vinh Long compound.
Alan Anderson, David Shirra, Hines Vinh Long Chow Hall.jpg (102696 bytes)  Lt. Hall Vinh Long 1966.jpg (270788 bytes)  em club 1966.jpg (273994 bytes)  Christman em club Vinh Long 1966.jpg (195407 bytes)  Installation dogs being feed by Harvy Jones.jpg (236936 bytes) Gunner.jpg (178392 bytes) hoocth party.jpg (184095 bytes) Avionics and Lancer Gunship Guys May 1967.jpg (129799 bytes)   after the party.jpg (109042 bytes)   Christmas 1966.jpg (155655 bytes)   Untitled-Scanned-09.jpg (355350 bytes)
Near the LZ somewhere in the Mekong Delta
Air Traffic controller near the LZ.jpg (246130 bytes) Granade Launcher.jpg (174902 bytes) mekong near Vinh Long.jpg (155818 bytes)MEKONG DELTA TOWN.jpg (227814 bytes)

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Photos of  Mekong Delta Areas in Vietnam 1960s and 1970s
 Dedicated to all those who served in Avel & Avionics Companies in Vietnam.

If anyone knows any of these people let me know.  I would like to get in touch with some of them.  Any questions or comments email Ray Mahoney at email address below or make entry in guestbook

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